With the very best, verifiable, expert, effective strategies, centralizing in the marketing of rental properties, we make it a must to offer the very best of quality service to all our clients as well as tenants.

We have the believe that, the base of every good and strong relationship between the owners, tenants and the property manager, is a property that is maintained properly and friendly, approachable managers. A lesser fraction of properties for each manager makes it easy for us to offer both your property and also your tenant, the right attention that is due them.

Our organization has the right authorization by both, Real Estate Council Columbia and Consumer Protection Agency BC. This allows us to manage both Long Term Rentals administered by the Real Estate Service Act as well as Residential Tenancy Act and Short Term or Vacation Rentals which are administered by the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, SBC (2004). This means, we are able to advertise all your furnished properties through a variety of communication methods to manifold target markets and increase the revenues of your rental.

Kindly bear in mind that conventional property management organizations are hardly ever made available with the needed authorization of short term rentals. Vacation Rental Management needs a lot of brand new phases of management.

We are licensed, bonded, insured and very attentive.

In the past 1 year, we have productively kept back vacancy rates of furnished properties under 10%. Our clients, long term owners, have experienced very high monthly revenues for their rentals which is historical.


Transparent rental management requires an information/documentation distribution system that allows our clients, both rental owners and tenants to access important information at all times.

As our client you will receive an access to our online system which allows you:

If you are an owner:
  • full set of up to date financial statements with real time overview of rental revenues and property expenses, available anywhere and anytime
  • download your owner statement at all times
  • request maintenance and add tasks to be completed by your manager
  • view the status of your property and rental application
  • access to all documents pertaining your property including Residential Tenancy Act, Move-in inspection Report, Strata Notices, Bills and more.
If you are a tenant
  • the status of your payment of the rent
  • report issues online and request maintenance
  • view and download all your documents
  • get notified about what everything important

Many property managers work independently and basically compete against each other within the same company.

In Bolld Enterprises we work as a team. No matter who receives the rental inquiry,  maintenance request or strata notice, all members of our team will be notified. Manager that is available, closest to the property or has the best expertise in the particular field will take care of the matter.  An efficient property management is a team effort.

With proven professional, effective techniques, specializing in the marketing of rental properties, we strive to provide a top quality service to our clients and tenants.We believe that the foundation of a good relationship between the owners, the tenants and the property manager, is a well maintained property and approachable, responsive managers. A lower ratio of properties per manager, allows us to give both, your property and your tenant, the attention that they need.


To maximize and safeguard your investment property and provide our tenants with a well maintained and safe home.


To be the leader in quality and innovation in rental property management services.


Every property and property owner requires an individual attention and personalized service.


We are an independent licensed rental management company with property managers with years of experience in rental property management. All we do is rental property management and our entire focus is on maximizing your investment. Our advice is always informed and independent.

The company was founded on the principles of trust, innovation and reliability. We facilitate the 21st century technology to the fullest extent to work more efficiently and to maximize the value of our services.

We are experienced renting in many major developments:

Capitol Residences, Espana, Pure, Beasley, Electric Avenue, Melville, Bauhinia, Taylor, Europa, Icon, Dolce & Vita, Brava, Alto, Canadian, H&H, Woodwards, Richards, 501 Pacific, Hudson, West Pender Place, Coopers Lookout, The George, Wall Centre, Azure, Marinus, Perspectives, Legacy Towers and many more.


I will take pride in caring for your property as it was my own. The success of our company will be measured by the success of your investment. I will constantly work on efficiency of our products to keep you ahead and provide you a top quality service at affordable rates and accordingly maximizing your investment.

Leo Chrenko

Founder and Managing  Broker