Transparent rental management requires an information/documentation distribution system that allows our clients, both rental owners and tenants to access important information at all times.

As our client you will receive an access to our online system which allows you:

If you are an owner:

full set of up to date financial statements with real time overview of rental revenues and property expenses, available anywhere and anytime
download your owner statement at all times
request maintenance and add tasks to be completed by your manager
view the status of your property and rental application
access to all documents pertaining your property including Residential Tenancy Act, Move-in inspection Report, Strata Notices, Bills and more.
If you are a tenant

the status of your payment of the rent
report issues online and request maintenance
view and download all your documents
get notified about what everything important


At Bolld Property Management Vancouver we recognize that each property is different and each owner requires an individual attention. We are committed to maximize your investment. We will research and find the best use for your property. Whether it is unfurnished, furnished condo or a house, we will maximize your profits, ensuring your are getting the most return on your investment. Our experienced property managers will develop a personalized service package with a marketing strategy, specific to your investment property.


Renting a property can be a headache. Preparing all the forms, collecting and depositing rent, dealing with problem tenants and necessary maintenance. Renting out just a single place can turn into a full time job.

We believe that people are capable of renting out their own investment. Question is if the time spent managing your own unit is worth the small fee that you would pay if you hired us.

Be a care-free owner.

We will take care of everything: Market you unit, find a qualified tenant, collect the rent, take care of property related bills and send you every month your net rental income accompanied with a monthly statement. We handle the maintenance, tenant's request and if it comes to that also the problem tenants.

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WHY US? Profitability

Definition of the Best Use of your Property

Personalized Rates/Personalized Service

Innovative and Proven Marketing

Distinct Positioning of your Property

Complimentary Maintenance


Experienced Licensed Property Managers

Qualified Tenants/ Meticulous Screening

Diligent Inspections

Tenant Insurance

Legal Enforcement of Residential Tenancy Act


Secure and Timely Rent Collection

Facilitation of Property related Payments

24/7 Online Accounting Access

Fully Insured In-House Maintenance Staff

Non-Resident Tax Filing

No Hidden Fees

Our rates are final. We will not charge you any additional service, administration or processing fees.

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HOW WE WORK? Bolld Rental Management Process

Efficient management procedures ensure that your property is safe and profitable. This is how we proceed:

1. Definition of the best use

2. Initial Inspection

3. Positioning

4. Marketing

5. Tenant screening and selection

6. Move-in Inspection

7. Collection of the rent

8. Routine Inspections

9. Move-out inspection

10. Annual report and contract renewal

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We are experienced renting in many major developments:

Capitol Residences, Espana, Pure, Beasley, Electric Avenue, Melville, Bauhinia, Taylor, Europa, Icon, Dolce & Vita, Brava, Alto, Canadian, H&H, Woodwards, Richards, 501 Pacific, Hudson, West Pender Place, Coopers Lookout, The George, Wall Centre, Azure, Marinus, Perspectives, Legacy Towers and many more.

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